MATER TERRA           4,655 VESSELS

photos by Rob Bohle

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hoogeboom jewellery modern

In 1995 Peter Hoogeboom introduced clay into his jewellery designs. Since then he has developed collections of ceramic jewellery which are always based on different themes and employ different ceramic techniques.
When ceramicists develop their work, they are sometimes inspired to make jewellery. The opposite is true of Peter Hoogeboom whose ceramic jewellery has inspired him to create large, independent ceramic pieces: objects for tables or walls, which interface with both design and autonomous art.

At first sight these objects resemble natural phenomena, such as coral formations or colonies of fungi. However, closer inspection reveals that they are constructed of hundreds of small vessels which seem in motion like schools of fish or flocks of birds. Peter created these objects by fusing individually cast and glazed ceramic forms in special kiln-resistant moulds that he fabricated himself.

He was awarded a grant by the Creative Industries Fund NL for the research which underpins this introduction of the kiln casting glass technique in ceramics and the development of the collection. Peter has dedicated Mater Terra - 4,655 Vessels to his mother.                                                                      Paul Derrez, October 2013

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