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photos by Peter Hoogeboom

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With a nod to famous 18th century ceramist and industrial Wedgwood, Peter Hoogeboom calls his new work: Josiah's Garden. In small porcelain tablets, with colours that at first remind of the known jasperware, all kinds of plants can be seen in contrasting colours. Peter doesn't show them as a relief onto a background, but into it, giving the pieces of jewellery a more contemporary look.

Peter often uses the method of slipcasting into plaster moulds to obtain the many parts he builds his neckpieces with. Not with this collection, in which each element is unique, but in which the repetition sure is recognizable. Before introducing ceramics in his jewellery in 1995, Peter did occasionally use dried plant material in his jewellery. Now he makes a translation into porcelain with it.

Turned over the pieces look different and they can be worn both sides. In a fourth and final firing subtle little dots of gold are burnt into the tablets, that add a fairy-like layer like little stars during a nocturnal garden walk.

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