photos by Conor Vella

Shu-Lin Wu (Taiwan) and Peter Hoogeboom (Netherlands) met in Limoges June 2010 for the opening of -Un Peu de Terre sur la Peau-, a traveling exhibition organized by Fondation Bernardaud, curated by jewellery designer Monika Brugger. Taking part in this exhibition, that shows a diverse use of ceramics in contemporary jewellery, they met again in Taipei (Dec. 2011) and Paris (March 2012).


Shu-Lin and Peter noticed connections in their work: the technique of slip casting and the colouring of clay slips. Peter has influences from travels in Southeast Asia and China and Shu-Lin from the time spent in Europe for education and travel.

Early 2013 Peter lived in Taiwan for a few months and did an artist in residency with Shu-Lin at Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei. Winter 2013 Shu-Lin stayed in Amsterdam some months to continue their collaborative project, they gave the title: -Greenware, Crockery, Chinawear-. After a mutual kick off in Montreal (May 2014) this series  travels to New York (Oct. 2014), Beijing (Sep. 2015), the Netherlands (Dec. 2015) and Australia (Feb. 2016). The works show the fruits of months of working together closely with Shu-Lin, influencing and teaching each other, leading to innovative use of materials and new application of ceramics in the jewellery of both artists.

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