photos by Peter Hoogeboom

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hoogeboom jewellery modern

Peter Hoogeboom assembles his jewellery from large numbers of almost identical parts. The making process entails many repetitive actions that create peacefulness and, eventually, beauty.

In this new collection, Peter focuses on distorted, broken ceramics. Broken hearts, crosses and pearls serve as metaphors for damaged life. He deliberately breaks shapes by deforming and pressing them, and pieces that appear cracked or misshapen out of their molds and would have been discarded in the old days, are now appreciated and get to play their part. He also glues broken elements back together, creating a whimsical pattern of glue lines.

His spontaneous, haphazard treatment of the originally strict geometric shapes with their stern patterns and structuring makes for jewellery full of tension and emotion.

                                Paul Derrez, October 2017